Our Governance

Our Corporate Governance

The South East Queensland Indigenous Chamber of Commerce Corporate Governance Charter comprises of defining governance roles, improving board processes and functions plus strategies for continuous improvement of board’s effectiveness.

The role of the SEQICC Board includes:

  • Strategy formulation and approval
  • CEO management
  • The monitoring of organisational performance
  • Risk management
  • Networking on behalf of SEQICC
  • Communication with key stakeholder groups

The structure of the SEQICC Board of Directors is determined in the Constitution of SEQICC.

The role of SEQICC President

The SEQICC President is elected by members. The role of the President is to oversee the development of the Board’s agenda. This person acts as Chairperson for all general meetings of SEQICC, the Board of Directors meetings and all sub-committee meetings, ensuring that all meetings run smoothly and that each meeting has a quorum and is valid prior to calling for voting on decisions.

The President also undertakes certain public representation responsibilities, including acting as a spokesperson and representative for SEQICC. They are also the major point of contact between the CEO and Board. In this role, the President can communicate regularly with senior employees through the SEQICC CEO.

Other key responsibilities include:

  • Undertake evaluation of the performance of SEQICC CEO, with others appointed by the Board.
  • Ensuring the roles of SEQICC are followed, particularly during meetings, including SEQICC Board Code of Conduct.
  • Convening special general meetings within required timelines, when legally directed by the membership.

The role of the SEQICC Treasurer

The accountabilities of the Treasurer are defined in the SEQICC Articles of Incorporation and the role includes:

  • Overseeing SEQICC’s financial management systems and procedures to ensure all financial transactions are recorded.
  • Providing a financial report to each meeting of the Board.
  • Acting as one of the cheque signatories for SEQICC.
  • Assisting with the preparation of annual financial statements.
  • Providing information to the auditor as required.
  • Presenting an annual financial report to the Annual General Meeting.

The Role of the SEQICC Secretary

The Secretary is responsible for compliance issues under the Corporations Act. SEQICC combines the role of Company Secretary and Secretary of the Board of Directors. The Secretary therefore has the following responsibilities:

  • Provides the ASIC with all corporate forms, notifications, returns and reports on time and in full.
  • Maintains a Minutes Register of endorsed, signed and dated Minutes of Meetings.
  • Maintains an accurate and up to date Register of the Board of Directors.
  • Ensures a Notice of Meeting is sent out to all Directors and Members prior to the AGM.
  • Includes on the Notice of Meeting a call for nominations for election to the Board of Directors.
  • Records of Minutes of the AGM.

Core Legislation

The SEQICC Board recognises that compliance must relate to at least the following legislation and related regulations:

  • Commonwealth Corporations Act
  • Commonwealth Trade Practices Act
  • State Fair Trading Act
  • State Occupational Health & Safety Legislation
  • Commonwealth and State: Anti-discrimination and equal opportunity
  • Taxation
  • Commonwealth Privacy Act
  • Superannuation Guarantee Act